Pure Jelly for School

Healthy light food for kids

Natural only, no artificial colours or flavours!

We offer a natural, totally suitable snack for school canteens. Mums will know that jelly has been a safe, light and tasty snack loved by children for many generations. Pure Tasmanian Jelly gives a rainbow of jelly colours in a sterile, transparent disposable container. The manufacturing sterilisation technology allows jelly to be kept in refrigeration for up to 3 weeks without the growth of contaminants; much longer than homemade jellies. If you prefer “sugar free” jelly for school children, let us know as it is possible.

Our jelly also helps to hydrate active children due to its high water content.

Pure Tasmanian Jelly can be ordered with a display refrigerator supplied free of charge, to make an attractive display in your canteen and ensure that the product is kept in suitable conditions.

Flexible terms, and online ordering minimize your time spent in administration.

For our product contents, please see the information table below.

School jelly booklet (After Jim) print version

evla jelly

Pure Tasmanian Jelly is fat free food, and contains only natural colour and flavour!

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