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Revolution in Food Preservation Technology

A lot of research has been carried out in the food industry to develop and implement innovative techniques that ensure preservation of food for longer time period without compromising on quality. While most of the preservation methods have been utilized for milk, fruits, juices and canned food, a new technology has surfaced that uses Ultra Violet rays for enhancing shelf life of food. Aren’t you feeling excited and curious to know what sort of an innovation is it? What perks it is likely to offer you? Is it pricey or affordable? Let’s find out the answers to these questions. pure tasmanian jelly

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EVLA and Technological Inventions

EVLA Instruments is one of the leading brands offering its customers an array of technologically spectacular products. We have a team of competent geek tech experts who put in their hearts and tireless efforts to bring you aspiring items. We have introduced a number of interesting and functional tech products in the market. One of our recent achievements is our “Tasmanian Jelly” that we have come up, making use of ultraviolet technology. This jelly can stay in your fridge up to three weeks and it tastes delicious. Moreover, you can find this product at exceedingly affordable price, since we believe in offering you quality and cost efficient unique solutions.


Eat it, store it and sell it

This jelly has been manufactured keeping in view the traditional and new flavors. The jelly has higher shelf life as compared to the ordinary one and it also tastes better. Our team has considered all the elements of uniqueness, flavor and quality while working on this food item. So you can eat it, children will love it and you can store it in bulk quantity without having to worry about making or buying jelly from the store daily. If you are in food business, this product is likely to make your brand popular with the potential customers.

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A breakthrough in food sterilization

This breakthrough in food preservation and sterilization has opened new avenues for further advancement in the similar techniques. EVLA Instruments has paved way for the technology experts to explore other sustainable energy sources for improving food and other industries. Moreover, there are areas around the world where there is food shortage, premium sterilized food that can stay fresh for weeks and months is likely to lessen the misery of impoverished populations. So this jelly is indeed a worthwhile product for people worldwide.


Factors that we have considered

Our professionals have paid attention to minor details in order to make this product an exclusive one. The packaging of a food item is quite crucial for its freshness and flavor. Food packaging that we are offering is of unrivalled quality, it has the ability to combat with bacteria, moisture and other tampering environmental factors. Thus, we strive to offer our buyers, a yummy jelly that you can store for a surprisingly long time period. Our product is available in Tasmania, try it out and you will love the lip-smacking new jelly.

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